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Sonnet Muse: Ava Dash

Our inaugural muse embodies a quiet grace of maturity and wisdom paired with an infectious laugh and penchant for adventure. Ava Dash is a college student, model and author of 96 Words For Love, written with her mother, fashion designer Rachel Roy.

What’s your dream city to live in?

What’s one unexpected fact about you we may be surprised to learn?
I’m obsessed with babies.

If you could go back in time to a favorite memory or see the future, what would you choose and why?
I wouldn’t choose to see the future because I know I’ll see it soon enough. I would choose to go back in time to see myself as a baby and to see my mom and dad when they were young!

Who is your favorite muse of past or present?
I love following Chiara Ferragni on Instagram and seeing her outfits and of course her baby!

What does modern femininity mean to you?
Modern femininity means leveling the playing field, looking at both sexes as equal.

Is there a creative outlet you’re curious to explore?
I’ve always loved music. I want to get back into playing the piano and singing!

What’s the last film you saw that made your heart melt?

What’s a book worth rereading?
96 Words for Love!

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