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Fleur Favorites: Corazón by Yesika Salgado

Molly in the Véronique smocked long-sleeve top in off-white.
Kate in the Hélène tiered long-sleeve ruffle maxi dress in sage white floral.

Spring has sprung and there's nothing we'd rather do than spend a warm afternoon in the sun with good friends, delicious vino and Yesika Salgado's latest poetry book; Corazón. It's a true relationship tale in all its stages: hunger, infatuation, enmeshment, doubt, separation and ultimately healing. 

We fell for Salgado as much as we fell for her poetry. In the introduction she writes: "this book is for anyone who is all heart and not much else. if you fall easy. if you lose hard. if you are stubborn with your love. this is a celebration of the turns that love takes. the good. the confusing. the bad. the beauty of knowing you can always do it again."

Here is one of our favorite poems from the book, an ode to Spring and blooming love, titled Hand Holding:

mine were warm
and yours were big enough
to lose mine in

I remember thinking
they were softer than I expected

my fingers slid between yours
- perfect
I said
you squeezed back a yes

we walked half a block like this
regular conversation
I don't know how
because all I was,
was a hand
being held by you

look at the moon,
you said

we stood
my body a kite
in the wind,
kissing the stars,
to land



Purchase your copy of Corazón here.

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